171 Seriously Handsome Baby Boy Names With Meanings (2023)

Check out these strong, handsome boy names with meanings and origins. This ultimate list of handsome boy names includes over 170 unique names, from traditional to more unusual baby boy names that you'll love!

171 Seriously Handsome Baby Boy Names With Meanings (1)

Strength, confidence, admiration - all these things come to mind when the word "handsome" comes up. It's more than just someone who is cute: handsome encompasses everything from someone who carries himself with dignity and respects both himself and others to the mysteriousness of a handsome stranger from old movies.

A name that is handsome - or even one that means handsome - instantly sets the scene in interactions. It can provide a classic, comfortable name that makes someone instantly identifiable, or it can evoke a sense of power and leadership (making it a great choice if you're hoping to be a future president).

Your little boy is sure to stand out with any name on this list as a first name or strong middle name. Keep scrolling for all 170+!

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What are the prettiest male names?

171 Seriously Handsome Baby Boy Names With Meanings (2)
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Attractive male names tend to evoke qualities like strong, old-fashioned, or interesting, but they can also be names for sharp, exotic, or cool guys.

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In fact, what makes a name handsome really depends on personal preference.

And often the best names for boys fall into many categories - for example, William made our list of the cutest, but is also one of our favoritesflower names for boysalso!

You can still go with great soundrare boy namesthat make people ask to re-audition! With that in mind, we've included some great names that cover all these angles,

And while cute for a baby, these handsome boy names will garner attention and respect in later years!

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Why include meanings?

I love learning the meaning of a name. It adds a fun element to the naming process and can help break the bond between two great choices.

The meaning and origin of a name can also help connect children to their ancestors or favorite places around the world. A name can also give a child confidence and purpose as they grow up. This can also be a fun side note, but knowing the meaning of the name can help narrow down your choices (and help you avoid those that may have unintended meanings or historical connections!

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Boy names that mean handsome

Maybe you're looking for a boy's name that means handsome and not just an attractive-sounding name. If so, here are some of our favorites:

  • Alana|Irishman
  • Love|Ethiopian
  • Lover|French
  • Cavanaugh|Irishman
  • Hassan|Arabic
  • Jamal|Arabic
  • Kenneth|Scots-Irish
  • Where|Hawaiian

There are many others that mean handsome or beautiful - you can easily find one whose background is significant to you!

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Be sure to check out these toostrong nature names for boys, are great alternatives (and a few of them are also on this list!)

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Best names for handsome boys

171 Seriously Handsome Baby Boy Names With Meanings (3)


  • Abraham| Father of Plenty -Hebrew
  • As| one, unity -Latin
  • Alastair| man defending himselfEnglish, Scottish, Gaelic
  • Aleksander| man defending himselfGreek
  • Ambrose| immortal -Latin
  • It shows| carried by God -Hebrew
  • Anders| Strong and masculine -Scandinavian
  • Anderson| Anders' son -Scandinavian
  • Andrzej| Strong and masculine -Greek
  • Angus| one force -English, Gaelic
  • Armstrong| Strong arms -English, Scottish
  • Atlas| The name of the Greek god -Greek
  • Atticus| From Attica –Latin
  • August| Great, wonderful -German from Latin
  • Axel| Father of peace -Scandinavian


  • Finger| bear strength -German
  • Lover| Handsome -French
  • Becketta| bee hive; a small stream or bee house –English, Irish
  • Benedict| blessed -Latin
  • Benzoes| son of the right hand -Hebrew
  • Booz| Speed ​​-Hebrew
  • Booker| scribe, professional name -English
  • Braxtona| Brock's Town -English
  • Brent| Inhabitant near scorched earth -English
  • Bridger| He lives near the bridge -English
  • Brooksa| from the stream -English
  • Bryanta| Variation of Brian, strong virtuous and honorable -English, Irish


  • Caius| To cheer -Latin
  • Kaleb| Devotion to God -Hebrew
  • Bone marrow| pigeon -Scottish from Latin
  • Calvin| Bald, hairless -Latin
  • Camden| The winding valley -Scotch
  • Army| word name -English
  • Karol| Free man -French from German
  • Coleman| Santa's servant -English
  • Hill| pup -Irish, Scottish
  • Conducted| Strong like a wolf -Irishman
  • Cormac| coachman -Irishman


  • Damon| Damian variety, tame, tame –English from Greek
  • Dane| z Danii –English
  • Dashiell| pasik –English from French
  • Dawsona| Son of David -Welsh
  • Dean| church official -English
  • Declan| A man of prayer -Irishman
  • Demetrius| Follower of Demeter -Greek
  • Do it| From a high stronghold -Cornish
  • Dominik| Belonging to the Lord -Latin
171 Seriously Handsome Baby Boy Names With Meanings (4)


  • Easton| Location from the east -English
  • Edmund| Happy Defender -English
  • Elijah| Yahweh is God -Hebrew
  • Elliot| Jehovah is God -English from Hebrew
  • emit| universal -English German
  • Evander| A warrior with a bow; strong man -Scottish, Greek
  • Everetta| Brave as a boar -French from German
  • EZEKIEL| God strengthens -Hebrew
  • Ezra| Help -Hebrew


  • Pride| Ford dweller -English
  • cherish| forester -English
  • Frederick| Peaceful ruler -French from German


  • Garretta| Spear Strength -Irishman
  • Garrison| His Garrett –English
  • Jerzy| farmer -Greek
  • Gideon| Getter; or have a stump instead of a hand -Hebrew
  • Grady| Noble, excellent -Irishman
  • Graham| gravel homestead -Scotch
  • Granger| Granary worker -English
  • Grant| Big Scotch from –French
  • Gray| color name -English
  • Gregor| Vigilant, guardian -Scotch
  • Strong| Strong Lord -Welsh


  • Harrisona| Syn Harry'ego –English
  • Hartmana| Tough, strong man -German
  • Harvey'a| Worthy of the Battle -French
  • Hayes| Fenced area –English
  • Holdena| Leaky Valley –English
  • Hoyt| long stick -English
  • Hudson| Hugo's sonEnglish
  • Hugo| Mind, intellect -Latin
  • Huxleya| Unfriendly place -English


  • Isaac| Laughter -Hebrew


  • Jack| God is gracious -English
  • Jakub| inscription-Hebrew
  • Jacoby'ego| inscription-Hebrew
  • Jaspis| Bringing Treasures -Persian
  • Jett| Mineral name -English
  • Jan| God is gracious -Hebrew
  • Very| praised -Latin
  • Julian| Youthful, fluffy -English from Latin


  • Kenneth| Born of fire, handsome -Scottish, Irish
  • Kenzo| Strong and healthy -Japanese
  • Kingston| royal city –English
171 Seriously Handsome Baby Boy Names With Meanings (5)
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  • Lawsona| Lawrence's son -English
  • Lelanda| meadow land –English
  • Lew| Lew -Latin
  • Liam| Strong protection-Irishman
  • Lincoln| Pool Town -English
  • Lorcan| Small, sharp -Irishman
  • Louis| Known Warrior -German, French
  • Luke| The Man from Lucania -Greek
  • lizander| Liberator -Greek


  • Macallister| Syn Alasdair –Scotch
  • Macgregora| Son of Gregor –Scotch
  • Mack| Syn -Scottish, Irish
  • Mateo| Dar Boga -Spanish
  • Maxwella| great stream -Scotch
  • Maynarda| Resilient, brave, strong -German
  • Merrick| fame, power -English, Welsh
  • Meyera| bringer of light -Hebrew
  • mile| Soldier or merciful -English
  • Miller| grain grinder -English
  • Montgomery'ego| Human strength -English, Scottish from French


  • Nathaniel| Dar Boga -Hebrew
  • Nelson| Son of Neil –English


  • Oakley| Oak wood or logs -English
  • Oliver| olive tree -Latin(or you can spell it Olivier as it is in ourshuge list of french names for boys)
  • Orlando| Famous all over the landItalian
  • Orson| bear cub -Latin and English
  • Oswalda| divine power -English
  • Otto| Rich -German


  • Wanderer| Traveler, pilgrim -Latin
  • Philip| horse lover -Greek
  • Break| His Piers –English
  • Porter| Guardian -Latin
  • Powell| Syn Howella –English
  • Prescott| priest's hut -English

Q, R

  • Rafferty'ego| Tide, abundance, prosperity -Irishman
  • Ruff| Repossession man -English
  • Reid| red haired -English
  • Remington| A place by the river -English
  • Appears| Where roses grow -Greek
  • Roman| Citizen of Rome -Latin


  • Sampson| Sun -Hebrew
  • Shepherd| sheep shepherd -English
  • Simon| listener -Hebrew
  • Blacksmith| Blacksmith -English occupational name
  • Salomon| Room -Hebrew
  • sterling| The highest quality -English
  • Sullivan| Black-eyed on -Irishman
  • Sumner| Occupational name -English


  • Tanner| leather tanner -English
  • Tate| Cheerful -English from Nordic
  • Thaddeus| Dar Boga -Aramaic
  • Thatcher| thatched roof –English
  • Theodore| Dar Boga -Greek
  • Tiernan| Little Lord –Irishman
  • titanium| Defender -Greek
  • Tobias| God is a good Greek from –Hebrew
  • Tollivera| tinsmith -English
  • Trenton| city ​​of Trent -English

U, V

  • Valentino| Strength, health -Latin
  • Winner| Conqueror -Latin


  • Walker| Walking in clothes -English
  • Warner| army -English from German
  • Westcotta| From the Western Cottage -English
  • Westleya| Variation of Wesley, meaning western meadow -English
  • Whartona| Farm by the river -English
  • Whittakera| white field -English
  • Wilder| Surname or word name -English
  • Willarda| Definitely brave -English from German
  • William| Strong protection –English from German
  • Willoughby'ego| Farm under the willows -English
  • Wilk| Wandering wolf -German
  • Wrighta| Wagon manufacturer -English
  • Wyatt| Brave in war -English

X, Y

  • Yale| Fertile Highlands -Welsh
  • York| From the yew estate -English


  • Zacharias| Lord remembers -Hebrew
  • Fields| sea ​​power -Greek
  • Drawing| God is gracious -Italian, American English from German and Jewish; Arabic Zayn form
  • Marshmallow| west wind -Greek
  • Syjon| The highest point -Hebrew

Did you love these handsome boy names?

171 Seriously Handsome Baby Boy Names With Meanings (6)

I hope you enjoyed this list as much as I did and that you found some great baby name inspiration to share and save!

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want more?

I have even more great baby names that you will love! If you enjoyed this list, check out these 63 AwesomeOne syllable unisex namesfor 2021!

What do you think about this list? Would you add some cute names for boys? Let me know in the comments!

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171 Seriously Handsome Baby Boy Names With Meanings (7)


What is the most handsome boy name? ›

Along with Beau and Jamal, other handsome boy names in the US Top 1000 include Cyrus, Soren, Leo, Aarav, Roman, Zayn, Wells, and Amari. Rare handsome boy names include Amory, Fielding, Levon, and Rami. Italian names and Hispanic names are often considered handsome.

What is the most meaningful boy name? ›

  • Isaiah: Hebrew — Salvation of the lord.
  • Jayce: Greek — Healer.
  • Jonathan: Hebrew — God gives.
  • Josiah: Hebrew — Fire of the Lord; healer.
  • Julian: Latin — Father of the skies.
  • Kano: Japanese — One's masculine power; capability.
  • Levi: Hebrew — Joined in harmony.
  • Liam: Irish — Strong-willed warrior and protector.
Apr 8, 2022

What boy name means God's gift? ›

Jonathan. He was a prince of great strength in the Bible. His name means "gift from God."

What name means gift from God? ›

What name means gift from God? Theodore and Theodora are the two best-known names that mean “gift from God”. So, if you're looking to name your little miracle a name that signifies their divine origin, Theo might just be the perfect choice!

What is a cool guy name? ›

Popular Yet Unique Baby Boy Names
  • Sebastian. Although still a unique name for boys in the United States, Sebastian has been quite popular in Europe for many centuries. ...
  • Mateo. This name has grown in popularity in the United States but remains unique. ...
  • Ezra. ...
  • Elias. ...
  • Silas. ...
  • Waylen. ...
  • Gael. ...
  • Rowan.
Feb 10, 2022

What is a rarest boy name? ›

The rarest baby boy name is Rome, but other rare baby boy names include Chester, Henley, and Maynard. Finding a rare baby boy name means discovering a unique fit for your little one. Throughout their life, they'll have a special spot in the world and likely won't meet too many others with their moniker.

What are loyal boy names? ›

Baby boy names that mean “faithful,” “honest” and “just”
  • Amin: Faithful, trustworthy.
  • Dillon: Loyal.
  • Fidel: Faithful.
  • Justus: Upright, just.
  • Renjiro: Upright, honest.
  • Sadiki: Faithful, loyal.
  • Truesdale: Honest man's valley.
  • Truman: Loyal one.
Jan 11, 2022

What name means pure boy? ›

Zacchaeus: Zacchaeus is a boy's name that means “innocent or pure”.

What name means son of heaven? ›

Son of Heaven, or Tianzi (Chinese: 天子; pinyin: Tiānzǐ), was the sacred monarchical title of the Chinese sovereign. It originated with the Zhou dynasty and was founded on the political and spiritual doctrine of the Mandate of Heaven. Since the Qin dynasty, the secular imperial title of the Son of Heaven was "Huangdi".

What boy name means God's strength? ›

Gabriel: is of Hebrew origin and means 'God is my strength.

What baby boy name means answered prayer? ›

1- Anathoth. Anathoth is a biblical boy name that means answers to prayer in Hebrew.

Is a boy a blessing name? ›

Despite being in the girl's charts, Blessing can also be used for boys but doesn't seem as popular as things stand. The beauty of word names means any title can be given to your child regardless if they are a girl or a boy.

What name means God sees you? ›

Hebrew Baby Names Meaning:

In Hebrew Baby Names the meaning of the name Hazaiah is: God sees.

What boy names are most successful? ›

Popular and Powerful Baby Boy Names
  • Aiden. Also spelled Aidan, this name comes from the old Irish moniker Aodhán, which means “little fire.” ...
  • Alexander. Meaning “defending man” in Greek, Alexander is one of those strong and bold English boy names that never go out of style. ...
  • Ethan. ...
  • Henry. ...
  • Hudson. ...
  • Leo. ...
  • Liam. ...
  • Michael.
May 12, 2022

What are pretty names for a boy? ›

Top 1,000 Baby Boy Names of 2022
  • Liam.
  • Noah.
  • Oliver.
  • James.
  • Elijah.
  • William.
  • Henry.
  • Lucas.
May 31, 2023

What is a unique boy name with meaning? ›

Unique Baby Boy Names & Meanings
Ignatius“The ardent one,” from the Latin ignire, to set on fire.Latin
KazimirFamous destroyer (of peace)Slavic
KenjiIntelligent second son; strong, vigorousJapanese
10 more rows

How to name your son? ›

Baby Naming Advice
  1. Look to your family tree. There's probably a ton of baby-naming help located on the branches of your family tree. ...
  2. Honor your culture. ...
  3. Think about nicknames. ...
  4. Middle names matter. ...
  5. Be mindful of initials. ...
  6. Always look up meanings. ...
  7. Don't stress too much. ...
  8. Timeless baby names.
Dec 7, 2020

How do you name a handsome guy? ›

Here's our top pick of names meaning 'handsome'.
  1. Keane: Of Celtic origin meaning 'tall and handsome'.
  2. Beau: Of French origin meaning 'handsome'.
  3. Aden: Biblical origin meaning 'handsome, adorned. ...
  4. Calix: From the Greek meaning 'very handsome'.
  5. Cullen: From the Irish meaning 'handsome/good looking.

What are rare 4 letter boy names? ›

Here are some of the more unique four letter boy names we love:
  • Ever. This unique gender-neutral name with everlasting appeal has risen in popularity recently.
  • Onyx. A black gemstone, it also means 'claw' in Greek.
  • Ajax. A Greek origin name, Ajax means 'eagle. ...
  • Jett. ...
  • Shay. ...
  • Reed.
May 11, 2023

What are rare 3 letter boy names? ›

Unique three letter names for boys on our recommended list include Art, Asa, Cal, Fox, Lev, Mac, Pax, Rex, Sem, Van, and Wim.

What is the most famous boy name? ›

Please note that popular names listed below are not necessarily consistently popular in every year. For example, the name James, ranked as the most popular male name over the last 100 years, has been ranked as low as number 19. Similarly, the most popular female name in the table, Mary, ranked as low as 136.

What name means honor boy? ›

156 Baby Boy Names That Mean Honour
GauravBoyHonour; Pride; Respect
GauravaBoyPride; Respect; Honour
GaureekantBoyPride; Respect; Honour
GenkeiBoyThe one who deserves honour and integrity.
96 more rows

What name means king? ›

Along with Henry, other names that mean ruler or royal in the US Top 1000 include Frederick, Derek, Rex, and Eric. Boy names that mean king include Balthasar, Kingsley, Malik, and Rory. King names for girls — yes, that's a thing — include Kinsey, Rory, and Reagan.

What is a peaceful name for a boy? ›

Boy names meaning "peace"
  • Jeffrey.
  • Paxton.
  • Solomon.
  • Freddie.
  • Frederick.
  • Jeffery.
  • Selim.
  • Freddy.

What boys names mean life? ›

Names That Mean Life for Boys
  • Adamo: First life (Hebrew, man)
  • Adem: Brave life (Hebrew, man)
  • Ankur: New life (Hindi, boy)
  • Antarbhuti: Life, soul (Indian, boy)
  • Asher: Happy life (Hebrew, boy)
  • Bo: To live (Old Norse nickname, boy)
  • Calian: Life warrior (Native American, boy)
  • Chaim: Life (Hebrew, boy)
Oct 13, 2020

What boy name means brightest star? ›

Sirius. This Latin name refers to the brightest star visible from earth.

What boy name means alive? ›

Haim. This is a traditional boy's name of Hebrew origin that means 'life'.

What name means brother of God? ›

Joah: Far less popular than its rhyming name (Noah), this one means “brother of God.” There are four men named Joah in the Old Testament, and it's a unique twist if you want to name your son after a Joseph or Noah.

What name means hand of God? ›

Akachi - Igbo, Western African name meaning "the hand of God," pronounced aa-kaa-chee.

What name means heaven sent for a boy? ›

Celestial Boy Names That Are Heaven-Sent
10 more rows

What boy name means faith? ›

Caleb, a Hebrew name, means faith and devotion.

What is God's preferred name? ›

In Christianity, the Old Testament reveals YHWH ( יהוה‎; often vocalized with vowels as "Yahweh" or "Jehovah") as the personal name of God.

What is a rare biblical boy name? ›

Along with Zillah and Moab, other unusual biblical baby names worth considering include Boaz, Gaius, Jericho, Joah, Keturah, Omri, Tirzah, or Zipporah. Biblical names that are unique in the US but common elsewhere in the world include Boaz, Linus, and Adah.

What baby name means strong? ›

Adira: Of Hebrew origin, meaning strong, noble, and powerful.

What male names mean strong spirit? ›

What boy name means strong spirit?
  • Aaron: This Hebrew name means “mountain of strength.”
  • Abir: With its Hebrew roots, Abir means “strong and brave.” It's also the name of the colorful powder used in Hindu rituals.
  • Adir: This interesting name is of Hebrew origins and means “strong.”
May 11, 2023

What name means all powerful? ›

Ragnild: This Old Norse girl's name means “all-knowing power.”

What name means gift of love? ›

Xaria: Meaning “gift of love” in Hebrew. Donato: Meaning “gift of God” or “gift of love” in Italian. Theo: Meaning “gift from God” or “gift of love” in Greek. Callidora: Meaning “gift of beauty and love” in Greek.

What boy names mean God's mercy? ›

Yohan: This boy's name is also a shortened form of the Hebrew word Yohanan, meaning “God is merciful.” But it has other origins too.

What boy name means thankful? ›

Boy names meaning "thankful"
  • Jaden.
  • Jaiden.
  • Jadon.
  • Jaydon.
  • Jaeden.
  • Jadyn.
  • Jaidyn.
  • Jaedon.

What name means miracle child? ›

The French baby girl names Mireille, Marvel and Marvella all mean “miracle,” while Mireya is a Spanish name that means “miracle.” Micaela and Mikelle are both English names that mean “gift from God,” while Mirabelle is a French name that means “of incredible beauty.” We also love the names Bea, Gwyneth, Annie, Sachi, ...

What name means protected by God? ›

Dalia is a Hebrew name that means “protected by God”.

What names mean answered prayer? ›

Boy names meaning "answered prayer"
  • Owen.
  • Declan.
  • Bilal.
  • Talat.
  • Nivedit.

What names mean chosen by God? ›

Names That Mean Chosen
  • Caleb.
  • Ezra.
  • Gideon.
  • Isabella.
  • Jeremiah.
  • Joshua.
  • Levi.
  • Samuel.
May 23, 2023

What name means God's victory? ›

The meaning of Agamjit is the victory of God or rather the trophy of God, the golden child; the most precious one chosen by God.

What is the rarest boy name? ›

The rarest baby boy name is Rome, but other rare baby boy names include Chester, Henley, and Maynard. Finding a rare baby boy name means discovering a unique fit for your little one. Throughout their life, they'll have a special spot in the world and likely won't meet too many others with their moniker.

What name means very handsome? ›

Beau: Of French origin meaning 'handsome'. Aden: Biblical origin meaning 'handsome, adorned. ' Calix: From the Greek meaning 'very handsome'. Cullen: From the Irish meaning 'handsome/good looking.

Is Royal a boy name? ›

The name Royal is primarily a gender-neutral name of English origin that means Of The King.

What is a Bible name for a baby boy? ›

Along with Noah and Jacob, other Bible baby boy names in the US Top 25 include James, Benjamin, Elijah, Lucas, Ethan, Samuel, David, and Asher. Unique biblical boy names gaining visibility — in the UK and Australia as well as the US — include Felix, Cyrus, Ezra, and Thaddeus.

What male name means prince? ›

What names mean prince?
  • Amir: With its Arabic roots, Amir means “prince”.
  • Baldur: This mighty Norse name simply means “prince”. ...
  • Brioc: From its Welsh roots, Brioc means “mighty prince”. ...
  • Chao fa: This Thai boy's name simply means “prince”.
  • Cynfael: A name with Welsh roots, Cynfael refers to the “chief prince”.
Apr 30, 2023

What are rare baby names for 2023? ›

  • Happiest Baby.
  • Mina Baie.
  • Haakaa.
  • Comotomo.
  • Shnuggle.
  • Charlie Crane.
  • ErgoBaby.
  • Owlet.
Oct 21, 2022

What are least popular boy names? ›

Most unpopular boys names for 2022:
  • Jeffrey.
  • Nigel.
  • Ashton.
  • Graham.
  • Stuart.
  • Chad.
  • Gary.
  • Bill.
Aug 15, 2022

What is a prince name? ›

The name Prince means “first-born son” or “ruler,” reflecting the royal origins of the title. The name is associated with qualities such as leadership, power, and prestige.

Can you name a kid king? ›

Names also cannot contain an official title or rank, which is why names like King, Queen, Sister, Lieutenant, Prime Minister and Lord are not allowed.


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